Our policies are a REQUIREMENT for all clients. 

All dogs participating in hikes MUST be:


Sterilized. Exceptions may be made for intact dogs who are competition or working dogs on a case by case basis


Up to date on rabies and core vaccines. Recent titer showing sufficient antibody levels is acceptable in place of vaccination records.


All dogs participating in all day hikes must be comfortable swimming.


At least one year old (Why?)


Able to come when called.


No shock collars.

Dogs who utilize shock collars, also known as e-collars while off leash are not permitted to participate in hikes with the exception of dogs who use electric/invisible fences at home. Intrepid Tails does not condone or advise the use of electric fences.


     Hikes are not an "as needed" service. All clients are required to schedule at least 2 regular days per week. After we have gotten a chance to bond with your dog and they have become acclimated, it is possible to scale back to one day per week. We do our best to accommodate last minute requests for extra hikes for our clients.