Got a dog who loves the woods? High energy? High drive? Needs to get out during the day?

We pick your dog up, bring them for a long hike with a few friends, then bring them home. Simple, easy, hassle-free.

We provide each dog with a GPS tracker that you can access from your phone. We know you miss your dogs during the day and wish you could join in the fun, so we let you check in on their location any time you like!

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Summer in New England can be brutal, and dogs can overheat easily in the heat and humidity. So when temperatures rise we hit the water! We always adventure near a lake, pond, or stream where we can get wet. Sometimes we throw sticks or balls, sometimes we get in with the dogs and do laps across the pond. Swimming is easy on the joints, but can still be an intense and fun workout- so the dogs stay cool and still get their exercise!


If your dog isn't a swimmer, that's okay! Dogs who are less water-savvy can participate in 90 minute hikes, and we're happy to try to get them interested in the water. Sometimes all it takes is a few friends splashing around to get them going, or we can get in with them and give them lessons. Whatever we try, we will be there every step of the way to build their confidence and ensure their safety. And if they decide they really don't like swimming after all, no worries! We'll make sure they get plenty of water and shade to keep them cool.


Dogs participating in all day hikes must be comfortable with swimming. It is crucial in hot summer months that they be able to stay cool when outside for long periods of time. We spend lots of time in the water in the summer. Sometimes we will even hike for a while, swim across a lake, and get out and keep hiking on the other side, so it's important that they be able to stay with us. Your dog's safety is our first priority, and we are careful not to push them further than they're capable.


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