Got a dog who loves the woods? High energy? High drive? Needs to get out during the day?

We pick your dog up, bring them for a long hike with a few friends, then bring them home. Simple, easy, hassle-free.

We provide each dog with a GPS tracker that you can access from your phone. We know you miss your dogs during the day and wish you could join in the fun, so we let you check in on their location any time you like!

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Why Hiking?

Why not regular old walks?

Because we love to hike, and so do dogs! Most dogs need or want a more than just a walk around the block. Hiking is a great combination of physical and mental stimulation. It provides loosely structured exercise and activity in a fun and relaxed setting. The freedom of being off leash also provides dogs with the ability to make lots of choices - where to go, what to sniff, whether to play or interact (or not) with other dogs and humans. Having these opportunities in conjunction with the fact that we use aversive-free handling methods (no shock/ecollars, ever!) helps build confidence and allows dogs to decompress from the stress and bustle of city life. After starting with us our clients often see improvement in their dogs' confidence, recall, and ability to settle down at home at the appropriate times.

If the hikes are aimed to be social, why not go to a dog park or become a daycare? Why such small groups?

Small groups means individualized attention, better quality care, and no dog gets neglected. If your dog is thirsty, tired, anxious, or injured, we'll know and we'll be able to take care of them immediately.


Secondly, for some dogs, even those who are well socialized and love to play or be around other dogs, being in big groups can be really overwhelming especially in an enclosed area where they cannot take space if they need. Just like some people, some dogs love to be social but just aren't party animals. And that's okay! That makes us the perfect alternative to daycare for a social dog who prefers to have just a couple friends around or needs more structure or freedom than being packed into an empty room with a large group of other dogs.


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