Why we hike

Off leash hikes enrich dogs lives in several of the essential things they need in order to thrive. 

Off leash hikes provide:

  • Ample opportunity to sniff and smell - dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors and experience the world largely through their sense of smell. 

  • Boosted confidence - the freedom of off leash activity provides dogs with the ability to make lots of choices which increases their confidence in themselves. While your pup is under our supervision we reward and encourage good choices, which not only aides in boosting confidence but also builds trust between dog and handler.

  • Exercise - dogs have lots of energy to burn!

  • Socialization - group off leash hikes allow dogs to socialize with friends as much -or as little- as they want. They can play with friends or simply coexist with their crew.
  • Mental stimulation - mental stimulation is just as important as physical! Being off leash in the woods and experiencing sights, sounds, smells, and objects they may not normally encounter in their day to day is wonderfully mentally stimulating for dogs.

  • Enrichment - Hikes are a wonderful way to enrich your dog's life. More and more, people are realizing that  enriching their dogs lives keeps them happy and healthy- both physically and mentally. Taking your dog off leash for a quiet walk one on one is also an excellent way to boost your dog's mental health as well as your own

Piper #visz giving us her best #smile_._