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Set Up for Success

Let's face it, basic obedience falls short of what you really need to successfully live a more harmonious life with your dog, build a strong bond of mutual understanding and trust, and make your training clear and effective without punishment, force, or fear tactics.

Set Up for Success may be for you if you have a new rescue, a new puppy, are struggling with puppy or adolescent antics, or want to explore positive reinforcement and welfare-based training more deeply.

This program does not address serious behavior issues such as reactivity, resource guarding, or extreme fear, but dog and human teams experiencing those challenges can still benefit!

Set Up for Success is a 1:1 coaching program that will:

- Teach you how to meet your dogs needs without you and your dog driving each other up the wall

 - Boost your dog's welfare

- Get your dog to LOVE working with you, even in distracting environments

-Help you train some basic skills with your dog

- Give you the skills to make all your future training endeavors easier

Adventure Buddies

Your customized program to get you and your dog ready to go out into the world, and on adventures together. Whether your goals are hikes in local parks, and snacks at dog-friendly patios, or road trips, mountains, and camping, we can create a training program to help you get where you want to go.

Adventure Buddies starts with a consult so we can be sure we are meeting your dog as well as you where y'all are at, and we design your program to meet your goals from there.


Day Training

Stuck on making progress with your training, or feeling like you need someone else to teach your dog new skills?

I can do the heavy lifting part of training, and teach you to do the handling.

Recall, and building confidence on adventures is my specialty, but I would love to hear about any other goals you'd like help with!

As always, I use no force, fear tactics, punishment, or aversive tools.

Want to learn more about what can be accomplished during day training?

What are you hoping to get out of day training?

Physical Rehab Support

For folks with senior dogs, disabled dogs, dogs recovering from surgery, or dogs who are living with chronic or degenerative mobility/pain issues.

If you have a rehab or physical therapy plan for your dog from your vet or rehab specialist, but are having trouble keeping up with it, I can help.

I can make home modifications, train your dog to feel confident using new equipment such as ramps or wheelchairs, and with keeping up with their physical therapy exercises, so you don't lose recovery progress

Contact me to set up a free discovery call to learn more or see if this kind of support is right for you and your pup. (for rehab support inquiries just ignore the prompt in the contact form)

A Rottweiler dog in a wheelchair stands on a wooded trail. She is looking off in the distance.
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