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More training services coming soon, so keep checking back here or reach out to see what's in store!

Board and Train

(not your typical)

Think less bootcamp and more academic summer camp - but for your dog. I do the training, and teach you to do the handling. My board and trains start with implementing structure, defined as predictability, routine, and support. Building on that I focus on teaching the dog skills and building confidence that can be handed off to you. It ends with transfer sessions and a take home plan for how to work meeting your dog's needs conveniently into daily life so you can continue to set them up for success.

A small dog with a harness and leash is lying on a blue mat in a park next to a busy road and is eating a treat from a hand descending from the top of the image
A Rottweiler dog with a tail sleeps comfortably on a large brown dog bed with two toys lying at their feet.

Boring Boarding

Picky about where your dog stays when you're away? Me too. That's why I offer premium boarding services for discerning dog parents. All the creature comforts of home included: adventures, comfy spots to rest, chews, toys, snuggles, and enrichment activities. 

Physical Rehab Support

For folks with senior dogs, disabled dogs, dogs recovering from surgery, or dogs who are living with chronic or degenerative mobility/pain issues. If you've seen a rehab or physical therapy specialist and they gave you a plan, but you're having trouble implementing or keeping up with it, I can help. From home modifications, training your pup to use new equipment such as ramps or wheelchairs, to running them through their PT exercises and more. Contact me to set up a free discovery call to learn more or see if this kind of support is right for you and your pup.

A Rottweiler dog in a wheelchair stands on a wooded trail. She is looking off in the distance.
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